Read About Us!

Navy JROTC hosts a yearly Boot-camp in order to prepare students that would like to start out ahead. Upcoming freshman and new students that were interested in NJROTC had the opportunity to join us for our Mini Boot-camp. This camp took place at Moss Point High School from 8 am to 3 pm starting on the 24th and ending on the 28th. In one week, they learned navy knowledge, how to march, drill, properly perform physical training, and handle drill rifles. In the academic portion, the cadets learned General Orders, the Navy Chain of Command, the NJROTC Staff Chain of Command, and the Phonetic Alphabet. While drilling and learning rifles, they were taught facing movements, how to march with and without rifles, as well as the Fourteen Count Manual of Arms. The Fourteen Count Manual of Arms was performed during the ceremony to show the audience that hard work really does pay off. After being taught all the necessary knowledge, the cadets took what is known as an Advancement Exam. This exam is 40 questions long and tests the knowledge that you should have learned. This test is not a pass or fail test, it is simply advance or do not advance. If you advance, you will be awarded with your new rank; this being the rank of Seaman Apprentice. To conclude the ceremony, a Pass in Review is conducted by the students and our NJROTC Staff Officers/Enlisted. This is a formal military ceremony which honors our recruit’s hard work and dedication to a new way of life, and ties together the future of the Navy with our long-held Naval traditions and customs. The overall goal of this program is to inform, inspire, and prepare upcoming students who plan to enroll in the NJROTC program. Congratulations to the following cadets: Kelvin Johnson, Jacen Carter, Thomas Ferguson, Jy’Shon Narcisse, Paul Lampton, and Jaylen Langham. These six cadets were eager to learn and are full of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. We are proud to be Moss Point Tiger Elite.

During the months of May and June, a select few of our Naval Junior ROTC Cadets  participated in leadership training at the following camps: Girls State, National Flight Academy, Naval Academy, Basic Leadership Training, Leadership Academy, and Graduate Assistant camp. Developing informed and responsible citizens comes easy when cadets work hard and are dedicated. We are proud to be Moss Point High School’s Navy JROTC. 

Girls State is an opportunity given to high school juniors that provides the hands-on experience of citizenship training. Girls State is a summer leadership and citizenship programs sponsored by The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. In order to attend Girls State you must be nominated by your high school during the junior year.  During this week, young ladies will learn about government by creating a fictional state through the election of public officials on the local, state, and county levels and then carrying out the duties of these respective offices.

The National Flight Academy informed c/Master Chief Petty Officer Carley McGrath and c/Ensign Cameron Murphy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, also known as STEM. Working with advanced technology, flight simulators, and virtual reality games helped to ignite imagination and encourage learning during this overnight camp. Each student had the opportunity to fly jet simulators, speak with The Blue Angels, and watch them perform. At the National Flight Academy, there is a museum on base, which they had the opportunity to view.

The Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland is an intense week-long camp that is filled with physical training, academics, and lots of effort. This camp is all about teamwork;  you had to work as a team to compete in everything you did. Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Carley McGrath traveled from Mississippi to Maryland to gain experience in leadership. It was hard, it was exhausting, but it was well worth it. Six days of running, sweating, and screaming at the top of their lungs paid off. While at camp a drill competition took place; Carley McGrath’s company won 1st and they also received Honor Company.

Camp Shelby hosted leadership camp which began on June 8th and ended on the 15th. There are three camps on this base: Basic Leadership Training (BLT), Leadership Academy (LA), and Graduate Assistant (GA) camp. Our NJROTC cadets bettered their navy knowledge, participated in drill, physical training and gave their best effort to become outstanding leaders. Not only did they push their limits academically, mentally, and physically, but they also had an amazing experience. Camp Shelby built a bond between many companies that will last a lifetime. Our NJROTC cadets surpassed our expectations greatly. For BLT, two of our cadets, Caleb Strack and Yamsue Felicie, were in Bravo company and received the award Honor Company. Another cadet, Michael Stitt, attended Leadership Academy and his company, Charlie, received the award Honor Company. Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Carley McGrath was the company commander of the Alpha company for BLT. Cameron Murphy was the platoon commander for LA’s Bravo company. The Moss Point Tiger Elite is tearing into greatness and not only expecting real success, but achieving it!

Air Rifle camp is an intensive three day long training program offered by the NJROTC Organization at Moss Point High School. During these three days, they will learn all about air rifle safety, shooting techniques, and available competitions. Air rifle safety is important because it ensures the cadets are in safe hands. The shooting techniques you learn will help you better your shooting in order to achieve a higher score. Within the three days, the cadets learned three positions: prone, standing, and kneeling. At a competition, the shooters are required to do all three positions in order to place. For the new shooters, Cadet Chief Petty Officer Brandon Tatum placed first overall, Cadet Chief Petty Officer Michael Stitt placed second, with Cadet Ensign Gregory Johnson at third.

Moss Point NJROTC is well known for their outstanding Color Guard and Drill Team. Our Color Guard team practices every Monday and Thursday while the Drill team practices on Tuesday and Wednesday. In the month of July, we hosted our yearly Color Guard and Drill camp. New and returning cadets had the opportunity to come and learn by the best staff. Each camp lasted only a few days but was intense. Our Color Guard and Drill team are routinely asked to come and perform at local events and competitions. In the past, we have placed and won many trophies in both categories.  

On August 29th, thirty-one cadets boarded the bus to go to the World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the trip, they went to the Solomon Victory Theater to watch a 4D story about the War. The cadets found it interesting to watch because there were different effects during some parts of the story. For example, they played a scene with people on an airplane and made everyone’s chair vibrate to show them how turbulence shakes the plane. There were certain areas that the cadets toured. During the trip, some of the students were able to see someone getting inducted into the Navy. There were many little rooms that played different films.  As they were touring, they visited the John E. Kushner Restoration Pavilion to look at the artifacts and to learn more about the advancements of STEM. The trip ended with everyone visiting the gift shop and buying souvenirs. The cadets really enjoyed learning about the history of World War II. 

On September 6th, we hosted our Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Lock-In at Moss Point High School. Parents and Cadets from Moss Point and East Central joined us to bring in the new school year and learn what NJROTC is about. 

After the Spaghetti Dinner, the cadets went on to the Lock-In. This is a way for every cadet to bond with one another and get to know each other. The Lock-In begins at 1930 and ends the next day at 0800. Throughout the night, there are a series of events that take place. We hosted a onesie competition; cadets dressed up in their favorite onesie and danced down the aisle. First place was Cadet Tyler Keen, dressed as chicken little. In second place we had our very own, Executive Officer, Devin Gregg, with his group dressed as Sully and the Pooh’s. Third place went to Trey Church, dressed as Pikachu. After hours of dancing and playing challenging games, we settled down for a talent show. Cadets, shy and bold, came up and gave their best effort. For the staff edition, first place was won by Cadet Master Chief Carley McGrath singing Someone Like You. Second place was won by Cadet Ensign Cameron Murphy singing This is Why I Love You; his high notes were spectacular. In third place, we had Cadet Lieutenant Devin Gregg, singing As She’s Walking Away, with Cadets Michael Stitt and Brandon Tatum; even though their hands were shaking and they were petrified, he and his group filled the room with smiles. The cadets went up for their turn and surprised us with their hidden talents: bird whistling, singing and beat-boxing but the night did not end there. Basketball, Frisbee throwing, dancing, and singing were only a few things that took place. This was a great night full of memories that will last us a lifetime. We are Tiger Elite.

Moss Point High School’s NJROTC provides service for the annual Chevron Picnic. Cadets arrive at 0615 and work until 1330. The Chevron Picnic is hosted for the workers of Chevron to bring their family out and have a free family day. This event includes: music, bouncy houses, water slides, prizes, and lots of food. The cadets were in charge of their own area and had to serve food and help with the games. This is a great way for cadets to gain community service hours that will go towards graduating. It was hot, it was tiring, but it was fun. Moss Point Tiger Elite loves helping the community in any way they can. We are proud to have hard-working cadets that have NO excuses when it comes to helping the community. We are Tiger Elite.

Moss Point’s NJROTC has went on yet another field trip. On October 5th, they went to the Port of Gulfport. While there, they got to witness the USS Cincinnati get commissioned. The USS Cincinnati was the fifth ship to be named after the City of Cincinnati after World War I and World War II. The cadets had the opportunity to pass out programs and help seat visitors. They also got to meet a Four Star Admiral. The cadets enjoyed talking with him. The field trip was enjoyed by all.

On October 2nd, NJROTC went to Gulfport's Sea-bee Base to get an inside look on what the officers and enlisted really do. It was hot, it was tiring, but it was fun. The cadets took a tour through different buildings and got to watch as the workers constructed different objects. During lunch, they had the opportunity to taste the different foods that were cooked. The museum was definitely the most enjoyable part of this trip. Everyone loved learning about the displays. Before leaving, the students got to see the vehicles that are used. They had the chance to get in them, and even operate one of the machines. The Sea-bee Base was a great trip. Hooyah Tiger Elite. 
Moss Point Homecoming Parade 2019 was a success. We had approximately 40 cadets volunteer to march. The parade started at the school and went around Moss Point. The community was excited to see what NJROTC had in store this year. We are Moss Point.
The Coastal Cleanup took place on November 16th. NJROTC Cadets and Key Club Members came together to clean up the Moss Point Riverfront. They woke up early and came down eager to get the process started. The cleanup did not take as long as expected because the students were focused. Moss Point NJROTC loves to help the Community. We are Tiger Elite.

On November 20th, Moss Point and East-Central Cadets had their Area Managers Inspection. (AMI) They had to stand for inspection, commence a Pass in Review and perform in Drill Teams. The NJROTC Unit has been preparing for this day since the beginning of the year. With hard work, comes great success. The Cadets and Staff did outstanding. The school administration said that this had been the best AMI yet. We are so proud to be Moss Point’s NJROTC. We are Tiger Elite. 

The Moss Point NJROTC Unit went on its first Drill Competition on December 7th. They loaded the bus at 0445 AM and went to Neshoba High in Pennsylvania, MS. There were six categories: Academics, Inspection, Unarmed Drill, Armed Drill, Color Guard, and Physical Fitness. They gave their best effort. Moss Point came first place in Unarmed Drill, second place in Armed Drill, and second place in Color Guard. Whereas last year, they did not place in Color Guard or Armed. In unarmed, NJROTC placed third last year. They definitely have improved greatly.

On Fridays, NJROTC Cadets do different types of physical training. Chief Hudson wanted to surprise the students with a fun Friday. The cadets scrimmaged with the football team and had a blast while exercising. They even scored against the Football players. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed playing outside.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. The air is crisp, full of love, happiness, and joy. In some cities, they have the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, in Moss Point, we like to have parades. NJROTC recently led the Moss Point Christmas Parade. They marched from the M&M Bank to the Escatawpa Elementary school. Over half of the cadets came straight from the ACT. Moss Point Tiger Elite is committed to their unit. We are Moss Point. Merry Christmas.

On January 25th, five cadets went to Anniston, Alabama to compete in the Air Rifle/ Marksmanship Competition. They compete in three categories: standing, kneeling, and prone. Out of ten schools, they placed third overall. Danielle Parker, the Air Rifle team commander, placed eighth out of one hundred twenty-one students. Carley McGrath placed twenty-second, Jerry Ha placed twenty-seventh, and Thomas Ferguson at twenty-eighth. We are proud of our Air Rifle Team!

On January 31st, the four cadets that had recently placed in the previous competition went to the Brandon All Service Air Rifle Championship in Brandon, Mississippi. They placed third overall in the beginning but were bumped down to sixth place. Danielle Parker placed eleventh out of fifty-six. Carley McGrath placed twenty-one, Jerry Ha placed twenty-eighth, and Thomas Ferguson at thirty-two and he is only a freshman! 

Ten members of the Academic Team went to Louisiana for the Brain Brawl. This event conducts a series of timed questions that have to be answered in order to gain points. The questions consist of prior knowledge, Navy knowledge, and history. Out of twenty-seven schools, they placed sixteenth in the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, they placed eighth.